Sunday, January 31, 2010

LP antics

Now that he talks pretty well, LP says crazy stuff all the time. He seems not to recognize that usually what something is not is not as useful as what it is; for instance, sometimes out of nowhere he'll say "there's no people in there" about, say, the closet or a toy car, or "that's not an elephant". He likes to bug ELP, and I think he's her favorite person. Today ELP was practicing sitting on the bed, and he pushed her over and got a time out. Then he told her "I'm in trouble". TE told him that he didn't have to push her over to watch her fall down, he could just wait and she eventually falls over on her own. So he waited and he watched her fall over, and thought that was quite the great game. He is working on the one-to-one correspondence of counting. He knows the numbers in order to the mid teens, but when counting things he just says numbers and puts his finger down on the counted objects randomly and not in correspondence with the number he's saying. So the other day, I tried to explain that you touch each ladybug in the counting book and you say a number.
LP: [touches the first ladybug]
me: [whispering] say a number
LP: [whispering] number
me: no, like this [touching the ladybugs] one, two, three, four, five
LP: [touches the first ladybug] one
LP: [touches the second ladybug] two
[LP touches the third ladybug, at this point I get really excited that he's getting the picture]
LP: one [I'm thinking, well at least he's touching them, he touches the fourth one and I think maybe he'll get back in the game and say four next, or even two]
[I am now trying not to laugh, but hey, at least he's touching each of them]
LP: ALL DONE! [actually I'm not sure what he said]
me: Good job! [What else does one say about that? He's making progress, and he's cute!]

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GM? said...

TE is just giving LP a lesson i patience.