Tuesday, December 23, 2008

sudden weaning + 'mama'

I finally kept water down last night, after getting a prescription by phone, so I didn't have to go get an IV. But the medicine was not good for breastfeeding, and I hadn't drank all day and didn't want to lose any more fluids, so we weaned. LP got warm cow's milk when he cried at night, and seemed alright. He is being clingy to both of us today, though. He finally started saying "mama" on Friday, but now he's calling both of us "mama" instead of "dada"! I think he just can't figure out why we should have different names. He does know the difference, though, if I say it to him. Whatever, I'm just glad he says "mama" ;)
Here is a sample conversation:
LP (reaching up to dada to be picked up): mama
TE: I'm dada
LP: mama
TE: I'll pick you up when you say 'dada'
LP: maaaamaaaaa
TE: da-da
LP: ma-ma
LP: ma ma?

Monday, December 22, 2008


I keep saying that at least I am not as sick this pregnancy as I was with LP's. That is no longer true. Maybe ELP is a boy after all. I haven't kept anything down today, not that I ate anything substantial, and I can't even keep water down. This post is the most productive thing I've done, besides briefly supervising LP (my plan was to yell for help if it looked like he was going to do something like start to walk down the stairs, because I didn't want to get up). I don't know how I'm supposed to feel better until I at least eat something, which will not be for awhile. Luckily, my mom is taking care of LP and TE is taking care of me (while trying to get work done, which I was supposed to be doing too). I'll have to develop a new "at least" phrase: perhaps "at least ants are not eating out my eyes". That has a nice ring to it.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I got to hear ELP's heartbeat today, at 160 beats per minute!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Updates: emails and a bizarre conversation

First the big one: the boss continues to not be a jerk! I suspected as much, but am very relieved. He was supportive of my pregnancy, although sounded a bit surprised that it came so soon after the last one. He says money is not a problem if I need to take a bit longer to graduate: not sure if this is good or bad, as I had half expected him to say I should hurry up and graduate before the baby, however, that will be a couple months before he was thinking I would graduate. I don't think he meant to say that this will delay my graduation, only to say that it would be alright with him if I let it do so. (I don't think that will be necessary or a good idea.)

Second, the postdoc emails are rolling in, some later than others. I am feeling pretty good about repsonses, and have one seminar to give and someone to meet with at the upcoming March conference. One disconcerting thing is that ONE KNOWN EMAIL TO ME DID NOT COME TO MY INBOX. Luckily, a friend from that lab who was copied on the original, after I asked him about why I had not heard a reply, forwarded it to me. The email was from the top person on my list, so it was really important to me. I had a somewhat bizarre conversation with tech support regarding this problem, and I will paraphrase for you:

Setup: I have previously explained the loss of the email to a person on a lower rung of tech support, and now am talking with someone who has to decide whether to send it up for further review or close my case. My goal, as stated to tech support before, is to find out whether I have lost any other emails, but it was previously explained to me that that is likely not possible. So I really don't care where the conversation is headed. I would also like to point out that I am not angry with this person at all; I have a favorable impression of him generally.

Tech Support: So, I see that you lost an email, and . . . [details].

Tinkering Theorist: Yeah, I am on the job search so I wanted to know if there's a way to find out if I have lost any other emails. I guess I should have taken you seriously when you said not to do X [where X is thing with email programs which is known to cause email deletion in rare cases].

TS: So, this is a known problem?

TT: Well, you [tech support generally] sent out an alert about it months ago.

TS: So you do X and it can potentially cause emails to be deleted?

TT: That's what it said. But they also said that about [other email program which the last tech support person told me to switch to].

TS: (Explains that it would be hard to find out if I had missed other emails.)

TT: (Explaining that I really don't care that much anymore.)

TS: So, the problem is when you do X?

TT: That's what the alert said. I think I had done X around the time of the missing email. I guess I won't do that anymore!

TS: Alright, well since this is a known problem, I advise you not to do X.

TT: Alright. . . thanks.

TS: Thank you. Have a great day.

TT: You too.

Did you have to be on the phone to feel the strangeness, or is it apparent here? I explain problem X, state that I shouldn't have done X in the first place, and later comment that I won't do X anymore. He has clearly not heard of problem X, which he characterizes as a "known problem" anyway (well, I guess I knew about it) and asks for clarification at least twice. Then, he explains problem X back to me, and tells me not to do X, and that then everything should be fine. In his resolution email, it basically says that the resolution was, "I told her not to do X anymore".

I just wanted to say "What? I just told you about X! I had to explain it to you twice! It is not your idea that I not do X. Trust me, I do not plan on doing X anymore!"

Oh well. Hopefully I have not lost any more emails, or capella's metric that I not pursue any people who do not respond to my first email suddenly becomes hard to apply.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

waiting for emails

I sent out all my postdoc emails, but, as expected, people mostly won't know about funding until February. That is, those people who have replied--most have not.

The main email I am waiting for now is a reply from my boss. I just emailed him some updates about the postdoc emails and also said I was pregnant. He was great about it last time, but this time I am finishing my thesis and about to start a postdoc so I am worried that he will be concerned about that. Perhaps I shouldn't have told him so early, but I hate going to meetings with him and not saying anything, and I worry about it more because I don't know what he'll say about it. Hopefully he will come back with a supportive email soon so I can stop worrying. I mean, he's never been a jerk to me before but I can't help worrying that he could start any time, and I have very little control over my postdoc recommendation letters and even when I finish my thesis. Cross your fingers for me!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Now I am having trouble eating stuff and feeling sick, though at least it's not as bad as last time. TE says he finally believes I am pregnant. I am also tired because LP was up after he bit his tongue last night while trying to refuse my offer for a sippy cup (in lieu of nursing indefinitely), and I felt bad. He felt pretty bad too and got blood on his pacifier, the poor guy.