Friday, October 31, 2008

Cross your fingers! (and updates)

I am probably about to find some glaring error on my CV. This is because I just sent it to the potential postdoc adviser (from my first post). I spent too long composing an email to him because I do not like to do these kinds of things, and I really hope he gets back to me soon, so I know that my email and CV are not too horrible.

Also, my pie deficit is at -1, for anyone who's counting. Maybe I'll have +1 pies after the weekend . . .

Another also, the LP is a bee today. Last weekend, the LP was also a bee and I was a bee-keeper at a Halloween party, and TE went as a flower patch. (Technically, TE was just holding some fake flowers, but it is hard to convince him to dress up, so I was happy. One year I went as TE so that, though he was not dressed up, I could pretend he was coordinating with me to both be TE. BTW, I made a pretty handsome TE, even if some people were confused by my drawn-on "stubble".)


Tinkering Theorist said...

Update: He has still not gotten back to me. I wonder how long I should wait until I email him. At least a while longer, I guess.

Tinkering Theorist said...

Update 2: when is he going to get back to me?