Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Several interesting things at LP's checkup today:

1) I was lollygagging this morning, not realizing the time, and TE was playing with LP, so we didn't get going to the appointment on time . . . we started about 10 minutes late. We had planned a 40 min commute (the doctor recently moved far away), which would have been barely possible with the tandem, but today we needed separate bikes. I was happy to take out my recumbent, as it has been sitting unused for awhile. It's really nice how fast it accelerates in response to my pedaling versus a huge tandem recumbent with trailer. TE took the trailer today, and since it was also windy, for the first time I got to be faster than him--I was enjoying it. Even though we were sprinting to get there in time, we got further behind schedule due to wind and rain. When we got there, I was soaking wet with sweat (I wore one too many layers!) and we were 15 minutes late. The doctor was not ready yet anyway, though.

2) You know how you can be somewhat oblivious to something that is culturally or socially supposed to bother you, but then when people keep pointing it out it can start to bother you? LP has been saying "dada" for months now, but still does not say "mama". Recently, he started saying "mo" or "ma" to mean "more", to rub it in that he can pronounce the "ma", but I still didn't really care. Today, though, the doctor was trying be nice to me and told LP he needs to start saying "mama", and pointed to me. Then, ScienceWoman wrote that her daughter, Minnow, said "I wuv do Mommy" and apparently it was really heartwarming. (Of course, Minnow is a bit older than LP.) Now I am a little (just a little bit) sad now that LP does not say "mama". He does sort of think I'm "dada", but he knows TE is the real "dada" and seems to suspect I'm some other type of "dada". I guess it will come eventually.

3) LP is developing fine.

4) LP has gained only an ounce since last time. Actually, I think he weighed in more during the finger incident doctor's appointments than he did today. No wonder he's been so hungry recently--he must be growing very fast and burning lots of calories running around like a crazy person. The doctor was not concerned, though, and neither am I since he still looks to be well within the normal range in his daycare cohort.

5) When we dropped LP off at daycare, it was later than usual, so breakfast was over. It was STORYTIME! They were all (technically, most) sitting in the story area and watching the teacher read a book. It makes it seem like LP is a real kid now! I wish I had storytime. I think he will learn a lot really fast now that he's moved up to the new room at daycare. He already uses a spoon better. They say he is doing very well there. Now that there are all these activities and different things to see him play with, watching the webcam is a lot more fun. Yesterday he was playing on a baby sized set of stairs, and bumping butts with another kid, who then decided to go down the stairs on his back and head first. (I was glad LP didn't try that, because I wouldn't want him doing it on real stairs!) Today I got to see TE pick him up, as I was still here in the office.


capella said...

Wait, hang on... you can watch LP while he's at daycare through a webcam? Like with the pandas?

Tinkering Theorist said...

Exactly like the pandas, only LP is cuter!