Tuesday, December 23, 2008

sudden weaning + 'mama'

I finally kept water down last night, after getting a prescription by phone, so I didn't have to go get an IV. But the medicine was not good for breastfeeding, and I hadn't drank all day and didn't want to lose any more fluids, so we weaned. LP got warm cow's milk when he cried at night, and seemed alright. He is being clingy to both of us today, though. He finally started saying "mama" on Friday, but now he's calling both of us "mama" instead of "dada"! I think he just can't figure out why we should have different names. He does know the difference, though, if I say it to him. Whatever, I'm just glad he says "mama" ;)
Here is a sample conversation:
LP (reaching up to dada to be picked up): mama
TE: I'm dada
LP: mama
TE: I'll pick you up when you say 'dada'
LP: maaaamaaaaa
TE: da-da
LP: ma-ma
LP: ma ma?

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