Tuesday, February 17, 2009

boo calendars

I started using my computer's calendar program instead of paper but forgot to check my appointment time for my sonogram until this morning. I thought it was late morning but it was early morning, so by the time I checked I was late. I called to ask if I could get in, but they said they couldn't take me late because one of their machines is down. So now we have to wait another week :(.

Also, boo to administrators who send cryptic emails with little or no message and some large attachment in a slow to open format. Sometimes I wonder if the message is relevant and open the file. It is always a waste of my time. Why can't they just say what the attachment is and who needs to read it within the text of the email? Maybe these people are around to make us all appreciate the nice ones. There's an administrator downstairs who keeps dark chocolate on her desk for visitors and flags/highlights everywhere you need to fill out and sign on the forms she prints. Maybe I should create a reason to see her and take a chocolate.

My mom was visiting, and I always notice all the progress LP has been making when she's here. She tries to highlight his learning and help him pick up new things. It's fun to hear him say "bubbles", which is his first very clear complex word. He gave me a book this morning and mumbled something before saying "mama". I think he is about to start putting words together, such as "here mama".

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