Thursday, March 12, 2009

My boss the big softie

A bunch of us are going to a converence soon, and my adviser suggested that we drive. At the time, I don't think he realized that I was the only one with a license and I would be pregnant for the trip. I sort of told him this, but also said I was for the driving situation because I figured one other person would have a license by the time we went. He got his license now, so we can share driving, and I think it will be a fun trip.

Now my adviser is worried about us, because he is worried about the new driver on the highway and the fact that I will be pregnant and on a long drive. He sent me an email asking me to be careful and stop and rest frequently. He was being sort of parental yesterday in telling the new driver not to bother driving in the left lane, and that "this isn't Europe" (though the new driver has never been to Europe and I bet he, like myself, has little idea what that was supposed to mean). Then he said something about how easy it would be to all get killed. That was a little overboard, but I think it's really sweet that he's so concerned about us and our safety. He is really quite caring, although it can be hard to notice when he's talking science, and I that just one reason why I like him so much as a person. I hope he doesn't feel too bad about "making" us drive, because even though we aren't much older than his kids, we can take care of ourselves. Now we need to think of some car games!


capella said...

He *is* quite the softie.

Someone else who used to be in the group is in the family way also.

Anyway, I concur. You must drive slowly and carefully and rest when you are tired. If the others give you trouble, make them get out and walk.

Tinkering Theorist said...

Don't leave me hanging! Now I want to know who it is!