Wednesday, March 25, 2009


LP is doing great learning new words, and has a few he can put together in groups of 2, such as yellow ball (although he's not always sure which color yellow is), more bubbles, and bye bye mama. We are trying to tell him that a baby is coming, but what he learned is that my stomach is called "baby", but his stomach is "no baby", which he thinks is quite funny.

When the president comes on TV, I have been telling LP his name. He just calls him "mama", which he actually remembered last night upon seeing his face, without me telling him to say "Obama". I was wondering if LP knew his name was Obama and was having trouble saying it, or if he thought his name was actually "mama" or something with "mama" in it. That was all cleared up by his little joke:

TT: Can you say 'Obama'?

LP: Mama.

TT: Oooooo-ba-ma.

LP: Mmmm-ma-ma.

TE: Oooooo-ba-ma.

LP: Mmmm-da-da!

I thought it was pretty funny . . .

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