Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Writing the Big Important Review

Although I am feeling really cool right now, I'm actually just one of three authors on what might be construed as one of the least "big and important" types of review articles: one in a specialized journal that has large parts about one's own work. It is so neat just to be involved in something called a "review", though! Like someone might care what I think!

So I wrote up my assigned parts and my advisor compiled the paper, rewriting them in the process. However, today I am going through in detail and finding out that he didn't rewrite nearly as much as I expected (unlike my preception of most of his cohort, he rewrites and rewords things many times and often completely redoes vast sections of anything his students attempted to write).

There's one minor issue with this realization, though: yesterday I saw some sentences that made little sense and left me confused, even though they were in my section. I was chuckling a bit about what they could mean. I found out today, this was almost directly copied from my text with only one substantial word changed! I feel a bit like I was writing gibberish, at least for a sentence or two, but in my defense, the changed word was rather important.

Back to paper reading!

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