Thursday, April 16, 2009


Easter weekend was great! We only took a few hours off of work, but we got to see all the various families over the weekend and didn't drive too late into the evening. On Easter Sunday LP had a bunny outfit (not that made him look like a bunny, but just an outfit with a big bunny face on it with matching socks) that was pretty cute. He found out that eggs have candy (or cheerios or grapes) in them. Then an empty egg was sitting around at home and he kept getting excited and asking to open it, so I had to put it away. He can say "egg" and "all gone" now.

We also got a new car battery, because the old one got an internal short. It was nice we were around people we knew so we didn't have to ask strangers for a jump :)

LP helped dye an egg and went on 2 Easter egg hunts. In both cases, he was the only one hunting and several people were standing by to watch. It must be odd being the oldest child, especially the oldest grandchild.

Now I'm planning a little trip without him. I thought we would all go visit a friend, but then my other friend's husband isn't coming and TE didn't want to take a Monday off of work, so it turned into a girl's weekend. I was thinking about bringing LP, but it seems tough to bring a squirmy lap infant when your lap is already full of another infant, and I am certainly not paying for another ticket for him.

Then, we have our anniversary trip! I can't remember what happened last year, but before 2 years ago we had been taking bike trips. It will be too hot for me this year on a long bike trip, and TE refuses to bike to a hotel in one of the next towns over. We're thinking of going to Chicago for a night. I can't decide if LP should come or not, but I think he should. I think he would like that medieval watch jousting and eat with your hands place. Has anyone been there? I would put it to a vote of the ~4 people who read this, but I already think I know what people will say about bringing a baby (I mean, a big boy!) on an anniversary trip, so I just won't ask.

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capella said...

Just because you don't ask doesn't mean we can't tell you what to do...

I have not heard of the eat-with-your-hands place. But I think you will have plenty of chances to have a family trip to Chicago or another city. If LP was older, I would say it would be nice to give him a pre-becoming-a-big-brother trip. But he is so little he is not likely to remember it. And it seems like maybe an anniversary trip is a good opportunity for some LPless couple time, right?

Besides, I bet your (or TE's) mother would just love to have LP all to herself for a weekend...