Wednesday, August 5, 2009

LP misses all the visitors

Poor LP doesn't want to go to daycare anymore. He has cried when we dropped him off 3 times in a row. I think he is upset that Grandma and all the other visitors left. Even though TE's brother and future sister-in-law left on Sunday, he asked about them again this morning. I think he doesn't realize that even if he stays home from daycare they will not be there, and we won't go to the petting zoo or anywhere else. We would probably watch the "big bad wolf" video, though, which he is now obsessed with.

I feel great. My jeans fit better than usual because I am fat. Too bad they can't just sell pants for people who have hips my size that are not also wide in the middle, but at least it's convenient in early pregnancy and postpartum! I also have 4 nursing shirts now--2 old ones that I don't like much and 2 great new ones my Mom got. So I look like a real adult now with nice shirts instead of a sloppy undergrad with stained t-shirts. Of course, the undergrads here are nicer looking then where I went to school, so they are probably still ahead of me, which is fine.

ELP is still very sleepy, and I am back at my desk for the second day today. Figured we may as well come in since we have to drop off LP at daycare near work anyways. Then ELP can go visit TE also during the day, between feedings, which is nicer than the alternate system of TE going in to work and me working at home but with ELP all day. Of course it doesn't matter much when she's asleep most of the time!

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