Monday, June 8, 2009

LP antics

I thought I should also update on LP's progress. Last week he put together 3 words: "No bite, Daddy." Daddy had been threatening to eat one of his strawberrys (which LP was holding up and taunting us with, pretending that he wanted me or TE to eat it and then moving it away). He has done it a few times with other words since then.

LP hears "no biting" a lot at day care, I think. He had his rubber duck trying to bite his finger, then he turned it around and told it "no bite". He's very serious when he says this, and seems to like giving orders. He seems a bit scared by his new stuffed alligator, though. It has a big mouth with teeth, and he will put his finger in and then say it bit him and run to me for protection.

In other news, we are getting the house ready to put on the market, and some friends came over this weekend and helped paint and wash siding and trim bushes. It was great to finally get something accomplished. We also had lots of strawberry pie. I've picked almost 3 gallons of strawberries this year, but luckily for me they are starting to wind down now, because ELP is getting bigger every day and I feel like I'm squishing her when I bend down for the strawberries.

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