Monday, June 8, 2009

possible job locations

So the job search is down to three places, all national lab sort of places. One place just called me and asked if I wanted to interview in person (I had said that we might be making a decision soon on other jobs). I told them we should wait until we hear back from other jobs this week until I schedule an interview, since I don't want to waste everyone's time. I also said I can't possibly interview beyond 2 weeks from now because of the birth, but they are willing to "work around that"; maybe do another longer phone interview or something. I don't know what to do about them.

Here are how the three places stack up:

Place A: Niether of us have a job offer here, but we are expecting to hear back this week. I am expecting to get an offer, but I am less sure about TE. Maybe I'd put it at 60/40 but there's just no way to know yet. He also could probably find a different job in A, but it wouldn't happen very soon.
Here are how the jobs at A would look:
Professional/Career: This job would probably be the best for me; TE would be changing fields a bit, which is alright as long as he likes his new field.
Location: It's a really great place to live, but far away from family. The cost of travel would be covered with the extra salary.
Salary/Benefits: This job would be the best offer for me; probably TE would be good too.

Place D: I have a job offer here and TE has a lot of leads but nothing that will be decided soon. I am confident if we moved here he would find a job in a reasonable time, but it's kind of risky to take that chance.
Here are how the jobs at D would look:
Professional/Career: This job would be great for me; I guess whether TE's job would be great depends on which lead follows through, but I think there are some great jobs for him there.
Location: We would be moving home, which would be really fun while the kids are young.
Salary/Benefits: My offer is fine but lower than the other two would be. I think TE would get a pretty good offer.

Place L: TE has a job offer here and I potentially have an interview. They will interview 2 people so I guess my chances are 50/50.
Here are how the jobs at L would look:
Professional/Career: This job would be not so good for me in the long term. I think I would be happy and productive, and it's not completely out of the blue, but it's just not the best career path to take in terms of my plan to be a professor; TE's job is exactly what he's looking for.
Location: Nothing great in particular about Place L, but it's not as far as A.
Salary/Benefits: My offer would be good. TE's offer is good, but I think he is worth more.

How am I supposed to compare?

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