Saturday, July 18, 2009


I think I'm in labor. I woke up around 2 with contractions. My practice contractions have usually gone away pretty quickly, and not hurt at all, so I think this is it. The contractions don't hurt much yet, though, and some don't hurt at all, so I'll have to wait and see. Maybe 3 min apart though. I keep getting distracted and not timing them. It was nice last time when my water broke so I could come in whenever I wanted. If not, they want you to labor at home for awhile. The instructions on the internet were like, well you can labor at home more comfortably--but I have a nice new hospital ward to go to! They have wireless and a DVD player, and it's quite fun. And they can check on the baby heartbeat. I would rather hang out there. The only disadvantages are they make you wear a hospital gown and you can't eat much but popsicles and clear fluids. I think I will eat some ice cream now--I am starving!

At least I got all my results (or, the ones that are needed for the paper) updated last night from the little typo issue--I found out in the middle of the week that I had had a typo in the code for about 3 years! It was a really small typo but I had to redo a bunch of graphs anyways (mainly just in case). One small thing changed qualitatively, but other than that you could hardly tell. It was frustrating to find that out, though. I hate being wrong. But at least that is over now. Mainly just graph making and thesis writing to go!

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capella said...

I know how frustrating typos in code can be - I had a typo in my code for a long time and ended up having to revise graphs that were on their way to being published.

Good luck bringing ELP into the world!