Thursday, July 16, 2009

LP and ELP

ELP is coming soon. I think most family wants her to come over the weekend, so they can get here in time and stay as long as they like without missing work. My mom is coming tonight, and is going to pick up LP from daycare this afternoon. I know he'll be excited to see her, but I wonder if he'll be confused about where we are. He can put 4 words together! 4 words is rare, but he can do 3 words a lot--like Mommy shoes wet, Daddy milk please, cat up the ladder (that one he told me about a cat that was stuck in a tree in his book, and the firefighters came with a ladder to get it, but he thinks that the cat got up there by climing the ladder). One of his daycare teachers said he was incredibly patient for a toddler. It's hard for me to tell--I don't know many toddlers, and LP doesn't seem very patient! If he's in a good mood, I can see how he is quite patient--if he sees that you are working on getting his dinner ready, he can wait a long time without complaining, because he knows it's coming. But if you don't understand what he's saying, he quickly becomes frustrated. Now he's decided to ask for certain colors or kinds of bowls, cups and drinks, toys, etc., so his requests are quite specific and it's easy to get it wrong!

Update 7/19: he had a really good 4 words this morning--it was "no people on the train" His other 4 word phrases have sounded somewhat broken (they were really like 6 word sentences with missing words) but this one was very clear and correct. He loves talking!

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