Thursday, July 23, 2009

last week

ELP is still not here. We got some nice pictures of her at the ultrasound yesterday. She measured around 39 weeks, so she is a bit small. I weigh more than 10 lbs less than I did with LP, and I bet 2-3 of those pounds are just the babys' weight difference. I don't even look that huge.
I think she's coming soon, but we have an induction scheduled next week just in case. It's kind of sad to think that this is probably the last time I will be pregnant. Last week of super-smelling, last time I can carry a baby around with me everywhere I go without constantly having to attend to her needs (very much), and the last time somebody is sharing my space and wiggling around in it (last time I can feel someone else's hiccups!).

Yesterday I took the day mostly off to go to the doctor and play with LP and cook. I doing all this trying to get ELP to come out. LP is a cutie, and we went to the apple orchard to see the pony and the goats. He was kind of afraid of them at first, but eventually he pet them. Also, I used up some sorghum that had been around in the cabinet for a couple of years and made zucchini Parmesan out of the largest zucchini I have ever seen, that I got from the garden yesterday. If you don't know about zucchini, this is not a testament to my gardening skills--quite the opposite, good gardeners pick zucchini well, well before they reach this size so that they won't be pithy in the middle. I didn't even know that one was growing (actually I thought it was a melon plant anyway) until I eventually noticed a 2 foot long zucchini sitting there. But breaded and fried, you couldn't tell it was pithy. We ate a lot, and have a full gallon size bag of frozen zucchini Parmesan now. The lemon sorghum pie is good, but I probably wouldn't make it again. If I liked baked beans, perhaps I would get sorghum again, but I can't think of any other use where I might like it better than molasses (and probably not even then). So I am glad that's left my cupboard. Now, what to do about the besan flour, too little amount of teff to justify anything complicated, miso, Bulgar wheat, and millet that are lying around?

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